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ariens 722 ec or honda 520

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I have a toro3650 and have had nothing but problems. I sold two ccr2000 Toro's that were 14 yrs. old still ran pretty good ( sorry I sold them) I thought a new one 6.5 hp. ,would be great (Lemon).
Time to try a ariens or Honda. Any help guys?
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I just baought the ariens 5 hp single stage unit. It seems well built. Its a briggs motor I believe but fires up and runs good. I havent had any SNOW YET to try it. I have seen other guys around here with them, and never heard any complaints.
If it ever SNOWS, ill be able to try it.
I did a lot of compareing before I baought it, it seemed like the best bang for the buck.:canada
Does anyone own the Ariens722ec? For $599 it sounds like the way to go.
I bought a Honda 520 today .I hope it works as good as I think it will. It looks like it is built better than my Toro 3650.

What issues did you have with the 3650?
First snow, belt melted to the pulley and burned the plastic pulley up. Also the housing behind the paddle dented in a little. I never had these problems in 14 yrs. with my old Toro's . They didn't want to fix it either. The 2nd time out belts failed again after they replaced and adjusted them I got threw a few snows with no problems. Than after 6 snows had to replace the scraper edge.
This year I got threw the 1st snow but the pull string broke on the second snow $ 65 repair I got over ten hard yrs. out of my old ones witout any problems. Bottem line the mechanic said don't buy anything with a Techumsa engine on it . The old blowers had a Suzuki on them they are awsome that 4.5 had more torque than the 6.5 on the 3650.
I bought the honda 520 and like it so far .

Hey boss you are right the old ccr3000 does have a lot more power than the the new 3650. I compared the 2 side by side in the EOD 15" and the 3650 bogged right down. i thought something was wrong with my unit so i used another one of my 3650's same thing. this got me thinking so Get this i call toro and ask for the net HP not Gross HP was on the 3650 and he said it makes [email protected] and 6ft/[email protected] I then asked how much the old 98' ccr3000 has and his exact words were "geeze thats funny" [email protected] but didn't have a torque rating. I was curious at this point and asked about the snow commander and the specs for that were [email protected] and 6.4ft/[email protected] Toro's explanation for this was emissions and i said what emissions they dont even use air filter's. Toro now uses a 141cc r-tek engine that makes 25% less power and is at least 50% louder then then the suzuki 121cc motor. Not to mention when it's cold and snowing flakes get sucked in by the choke lever and freeze up the carb and the recoil starter constantly freezes up. I did get the carb rubber flap fix but will never buy another toro again since I bought 2 hs520 hondas. The Honda is much better in heavy wet snow and equal to in powder. The the toro chute control is better when working along side cars and garage doors because the manual hand turn causes too much overhang of the handle and can clip things when working in tight corners. The Honda 4 stroke is pretty loud also but who cares it lets the customers I have know help is on its way LOL. Honestly the 3650 isn't a bad unit it's just a step back for toro i think they were trying to save a buck or 2 by making there own engines for there snowblowers.
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I'm sure it is emissions, they have to run them lean for the EPA, which most likely lowers the HP. Bottom line 2-strokes are dirty, there is a lot of unburnt fuel going into the air. They are basically meant to run a full throttle. Don't worry I'm sure TORO must have a 4-stroke on the way. Just finished cleaning up a CCR2000 that I got for $150. Got a spare motor and other parts for $20. Going to throw a new set of rings in it for about $20. Very nice motor. Sounds more like a snowmobile than my 3650. You know what would be a blast is to trick one out with FMF expansion chamber, porting and stuff.
The 3000 was 121cc? How many cc's for the 3650 and ccr2000?
That would be funny a big fat header pipe like a snowmobile. It would make killer power with just a pipe. As for the ccr2000 pre 99' I believe they were also 121cc suzuki engines 4.5hp the ccr3650 is a 141cc R-tek engine.
go honda, big Ariens units are rock solid but the little ones aren't near the machine a Honda 520 is. Straight gas is nice too, no mixing in a snow storm and they're quieter.:)
The other thing that would be nice is a 6.5 hp Honda engine mounted in the TORO 3650 body so you have the chute control and I like TORO's auger design. May have to try that. I have a brand new 9hp Honda, but thats a little big. Would be fun to try but that would have to go in the snowcommander body.
yeah what squall said, the Honda 9 in a snowcommander, someone make up a conversion kit, that would be a hot number. might get too heavy for throwing in and out of the truck though.
The actual honda auger design in my opinion is a lot better then the toro's. Let me explain why in powdery snow the honda throws a tight stream of snow almost looks like a water hose so it actually goes farther. The toro throws a much broader stream thus you get white washed when working into the wind on the honda you dont. Also the honda's auger has like a chopper bar in the center that actually breaks up that hard compacted snow in that same snow the toro more or less rides up on it. Im telling you i just had my honda and toro out today on my driveway and just compared the 2 side by side i made a 2 foot drift and drove both snow blowers into it at the same time the Honda threw farther by 10' or so into the wind and the toro just about gave me frostbite with all the blowback. Now the paddles are brand new on both of them so all things were equal. The best way to explain the difference in throwing is a hose nozzzle the tight and i mean tight stream of snow being the honda and the fanned out being the toro. I'll measure the actual throwing distance some time when Im bored maybe after thursdays storm. I think fanned snow pattern thrown from the toro is probably due to the slightly wider and more convex chute. if you buy the honda youll say he was right that thing is nuts for a 5hp single stage. The old 6hp 621 is even more powerful just not quite as tight of stream of snow as the 520 but much better then the toro. The 621 can be rammed into 2' drifts and i kid you not as long as its fresh and not sat there for a week you wont even hear the RPM's drop thats torque.
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COOL INFORMATION! Now I want to try one. I had an older Honda HS35 with the 3.5hp and was amazed what torque does even in a smaller engine, so I would like to try the 5hp. I'll have to look at the Honda auger design again now. What about the chute control on the TORO, you can't knock that. Do you find yourself missing that when using the HONDA?
I personally dont miss the chute control because i have both units. The chute control is better if you are working along side a garage door or car closer then 6". The honda chute like I said overhangs slightly. The honda's long handle chute makes it a breeze to turn quick when working in open areas. To each is own. With the pro's and cons weighted i would definitely choose the honda over the toro.
Honda 520

I bought the Honda 520 .I have owned two ccr2000 for 14 yrs. and a 3650 which is junk. The 2000 was a great blower and loved them . The Honda is good so far only used in one snow.
The reason Toro changed to the r-tek engine was for the $$
They could save 50.00 per blower with the cheaper engine.
I had nothing but problems with the 3650 from day one and will keep it for a back-up.

Honda's from now on!!!

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