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I just purchased a set of them for my pro 7.5 western ultra mount.

And I am not 100% sure how to mount them can some one post a picture from behind the plow.

I am sure of how the blades go on,but the portion that mounts to the plow I am not sure of whitch one should go where.

Then the next question is what is the purpose of the chain.Is it there to keep the wings froms spreading out words when you have a plow full or when you have it angeled or is it just to keep them attached to your truck incase they pop out.

Next anybody who is running them.Have you thought about tweeking them outwords a little to add some width to the plow.

And lastly do you remove them when you really dont need them or when trying to stack snow?

I purposely purchase mine for a large portion of one of my properties where I have to push in one gate and then all the way out of another gate but that is only a portion of the plowing I have to do at this property.So I wonder do you actually take them off the plow when your not using them for the scooping effect?and if you take them off where do you put them.I think I may try and make a nesting bracket on my plow so when I am not using them instead of carrying them all the way around the back of the truck and throwing them in the bed and risking the chance of scratching the truck.That I would actually nest them on the plow and take advantage of the addtion weight for back bladeing.

Picture's and comment are appreciated

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IH............I have a set of Turkeys...........
The channel mounts should be lettered LH & RH.
A set of instructions should of come with them.

When mounted the "keyways" should be on the side
of the plow but NOT past the edge of the plow.

The wings should form a tight box with the edge of plow
when installed. There should be NO gap between.
The bottom of the wing should be even with the base of plow
when down on the ground.
Test fit beforehand !

The chains are to keep the wings straight. You should have
gotten 2 keepers. They are mounted on the back side of your plow on the top rib that runs vertical across the top of
your plow. I leave a bit of slack on mine to plow a bit
wider path.

I got mine because like you I have a tight lot and all the
white gold has to be pushed WAAAAY out back on my
field. Windrowing is out of the question here you
would do on a wide open lot because of space.

I have to also plow out the bank next doors drive thru
lanes so Pro Wings etc. wouldn't work for me...TOO WIDE !

The only problem I have had is the wing jumping outta the
channel when plowing rough surfaces.
To solve that I drilled a hole in the bottom of 1 of the wing
slots that fit in the channel and insert a lynch pin...
Easy mod..........

Sorry no pics up close. If I run into CNY Prop. serv. aka BILL
I will have him take some close up shots and post them.

Check out the Networking thread under CNY Plowers.
There are pics of my rig with wings on it............geo

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Thanks geo

When you mounted them to the plow and I think I understand what you are meaning by TIGHT GAP.

but if you look at the passenger side of behind your plow is the hole that the wing slides into on the flush side of the bracket or on the other off set side. I am probably going to mount them on saturday .

Do you leave them on the entire storm or do you take them off when done using them as a scoop?

I really cant wait to use them they may change the entire way I plow this property (I am I the only one who has a stratigic plan for each property I plow)

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IH.............Will have to go out and look !..........LOL

I usually leave them on all the time. I don't have to do
much backdragging. All my plowing is a straight shot !

If there is any misses or minor backdragging needed
the good old "stick plow" gets a work out !

Its been snowing here to beat the band all day.
Will check the channel set up tomorrow AM and post.

Even better call Roger the Turkey wing guy direct

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IH.....The channel of my wings is 1/4 inch away from the
outter horizontal plow rib. The bolts are on the inner
side of the plow.

Test fit them first to make sure before you drill !

Got to push a foot of "white gold" out back today!

Those Turkeys work fantastic ! NO regrets here !

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micah79 said:
I just got a set. I haven't installed them yet. Geo could you please let me know how to install the pin so they don't pop out. I am also wondering if they will skrew me up when back dragging?
Any other tips on installation would also be appreciated.
Thanks, Micah
I just installed mine today .I will take a picture of them on monday.

Just as simple as they seem.

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MICAH.............Finally got them huh? Rooster was telling
me UPS lost them ! He was telling me the whole story on
finding them and reshipping them to you.................
The post office losing them I wouldn' doubt......but UPS!

Look on the points on the wings. The part that slides into
the channel. On the very bottom one..... drill a hole near
the bottom of the point. Insert a lynch pin. This will keep
the wing from bouncing out of the channel on rough
surfaces or when your plow trips.
This mod will still allow full trip action on your blade !

As far as backdragging the wings add more weight so my
plow backdrags ever BETTER !!!!!!!!!

Mine have been getting a work out........We have had plowable
snow here daily ! Plus I get paid per push !plowing!

Post here if ya need more info................geo

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IH.............Cool.........Roger the Turkey Wing guy is easy
to work with. Glad he got ya straightened out on
installation !

That set up to mount them to the back of the blade sounds
awesome ! Heck i just about never take mine off anyway.
My main lot is like yours...TIGHT !!! and all the white gold
has to be pushed waaay out back !

The Turkeys box type set up works perfect for me !
Plus I am able to plow thru the banks drive thru lanes with
no problem. This was a issue for me with pro-wings or
other types of wings.

I saw them in person at John Parkers BBQ a couple of years
back and they were the ones for me!........................geo:D

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IH.....The recievers aka the channel bracket should be
installed with the channel to the inside of the outter
most (near the edge of blade) vertical rib of
the blade. Mine is about 1/4 inch away from the rib.
This makes for a tight fit between the wing itself and
the outside edge of the blade. The bolt part of the
bracket is on the inside .

Test fit first.....You will see what I mean..........

The mod I mean is on the bottom of the wing "teeth"
the part that slides into the channel. On the very
bottom one that sticks out from the bottom of the
reciever bracket. Drill a hole 1/4 inch up from the bottom
of the V shaped point. Insert lynch pin..................

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sonjaab said:
MICAH......Did ya get those Turkeys on yet?

IH.......Wheres the pics?......................geo
Geo I have them up in a few hours Mine have got to be on upside down

Ever time my plow tripped( we had and inch of snow on monday and I plowed the front of my shop prior to salting) the turkeys jumped out of place.

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IH............You prob. don't have them upside down.

The wings are even and resting on the top of channels
when inserted into the channels right ?

Are the wings tight to the side of the blade right ?

Are the wing "skids" even with the bottom of the plow
when down?

Sounds like a good install to me till I see the pics...........

I hear ya about them bouncing outta the channel when
plow trips. Thats why I did the mod. with the lynch pin
on the bottom wing "tooth" on mine. ...................geo

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IH...........Gonna try and hook up with CNY Bill today.
Only got a dusting of white gold today so he may be
free to meet with me and snap some pics!
He has a digital camera and knows how to use it and
post them here................geo
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