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My friend has a 1985 Ford 1 ton 4x4 with a 351 Windsor.

Some how he bough this lump and managed to get it home.

The Alt was wired this way...

Bat 1 to the neg terminal on the battery...

the field was wired correctly

A 3rd terminal had no wire which appears to me to be "S"

He bought a new Alt and asked me to hook it up.

I made the B1 be hot all the time, and the field the field...

I did nothing at all with the "S" terminal, and for a bit it did charge.

Now I am wondering as this has since stopped charging if the "S" terminal is a second full battery hot lead and if Ford some how needs this.... None of his idiot lights work really and he had no fuel gauge, Amp meter or fuel gauges working, and never did so long as he had this truck (about 3 weeks now)

The temp gauge does work...

back to the Alt...

B1 gets battery voltage from the battery and is wired to the battery connection on the solenoid, as is a cut off wire with a fuseable link which I wonder if it should go to the 3rd Alt terminal.

For the feild voltage I got a reading of 11.8 and that seems high to me..

It might be I killed his new Alt.... I am sure I had 14.2 to 14.6 volts a bit of time back, and now it is not charging....

I get 12.4 at 2,000 rpm.

Also we noticed the light sort of flicker from pretty bright to brighter as if points in a regulator were working, but the regulator is a transistor unit.

That unit has a gob of wiring and all the wires have been chopped and splice with the wrong colors...

2 of 4 terminals are very rusted, and we have a new regulator. He has no book yet, and I am not familiar at all with Ford.

To make matters worse the truck is about 18 miles from here.

Is there any ohms testing I can do to the regulator to determine if it is bad?

Probably I have written enough to confuse about anyone.

Really I am not a basket case, but I am well on my way to being so. LOL Mac
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