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Hey first post in this forum :D

Getting the 8611 installed this week on the 550 :cool: Post pics when I get it back.
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nice JD

Who did you get it from?
Pro Image Racing in Manchester NH. Very nice people to deal with and enthusiastic about their products. I'll post some pics when I get the truck back.
I'd love to see some good pics of it,as that's what i'm leaning towards for my next plow on the Dodge.Get wide !
Chris the demo truck was a 91 Cummins 3/4 ton. Didn't look that good but they said this was not just a demo truck but also plowed the industrial park where the dealer was.

no sales tax:) Please ask if they have any 810s
They do but.... they may be running out, installed almost twenty so far this year. I'll ask when they call.
8611 for ya


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Those 8611's are huge!!! Wyldman, what truck are you thinking about putting it on? When you say yours, (I know it is CTD), but what are some specs on it? I know it can :burnout Isn't that smilie cool:D
It a 1997 Dodge 2500 ext cab,long box,loaded,with the Cummins,and lots of HP :D

I run the 047\048 springs,and Timbrens.

It will cary it fine.I've run my widened 122 ft Western on it with no problems.
A 122 ft. plow! I know the Dodges are tough, but where can I get one:D J/K :cool: Wyldman, when are you thinking about putting a Blizzard on?
Those 8611 are such a nice plow. JD can't wait to see some pics
Will pick it up tommorrow and will have the camera ready :rockon > I love this guy.
Crimedog said:
A 122 ft. plow! I know the Dodges are tough, but where can I get one:D J/K :cool: Wyldman, when are you thinking about putting a Blizzard on?
122 ft ? I wish,lol :D

Just a typo,should have read 12 ft.Sorry if I got you excited. :grinz
Can't wait to see it too :nod4 must look nice on J's truck
I just got two of the 810's on my dodges

2002 carrys it OK but the 98.5 needs help, both are diesels

I bought the 047/048 springs to install on the 98.5.

had to take the bumper of the 98.5 to make it fit or i would have to cut it, and that was not an option
Marco, my Dodge carries the 980 lb Boss just fine ,Your 98 must be must be weak.;) .Wyldman,dont tempt me to get the 8611 on my Dodge!!If you get one I gotta get one too,LOL.:D
That's OK John,go ahead and get one,i'll just make mine bigger.It will be a 10613 when i'm done. :D

Now where's my welder ............

Hey look,they even got a rock on smilie for me. (see pics thread,lol) :rockon2:
LMAO at Wyldman,I knew you'd say that,LOL. I just got a new welder too;) ..I guess ill have to make mine a 1117:D .We wont be happy til its wider than the pushers on the loaders:eek: .Then well be scratching our heads trying to put the frame back together on the Ram,gee why did that bend the frame:confused: :D
Well I just got the truck back and all I can say is.......... DAMN THIS THING IS BIG :eek:

Will be posting pics a little later.
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