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810 0r 811

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Woundering if anyone has seen, or heard of a Blizzard 810 or 811 on a Loader. I see the have a set up for skid steers, but not heard of any for the bigger front end loaders. Pics and Idea welcome.
Thank you!! Enjoying the site, keep up the great work!!:salute :cool:
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I don't believe they have big blades for front-end loaders. I have been on their website a lot and never seen any. It would be cool if they did though. I think the Blizzard makes a good blade. And this is coming from a die-hard BOSS man!:cool: Jon
Blizzard does have a larger model in the works . Im not sure if it's going to have a loader application or not.
On the front cover of Blizzards Newsletter for November there is a picture of a Blizzard mounted onto a Large tractor. So maybe with some modifications one can be custom upfitted to a Loader application also.

There are other companies that have wider blizzard type plows for big loaders and tractors.

Can't help you locate them.
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