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Hello, just brought a 2004 Chevy 2500HD with 200,000 miles to plow snow at Amazon in Denver Colorado. Will want to change all the fluid and this truck will be for work as snowplow only. Have some question to ask.
1. engine oil, it recommended to use 5w-30 but since it a high mileage, should i use 10w-30 instead?
2. front and rear differential. Should i use 75w-90 or 75w-140
3. do anyone know where i can buy a polyurethane cutting edge.
4. Are all plow shoe the same. I have SnowDogg 75MD. I found these shoe for 2for$74 on ebay. Would it work for me.

(2) Universal Snow Plow Shoe Skid Foot Assemblies Snowplow Snowblade Cast Iron | eBay

Thank you
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