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This is a little project I have going on. Little to no info on trailblazers with plows. Some say it shouldn’t be done. Well I’m about to try it. It’s only for personal use, and I acquired this blazer for practically nothing.
I picked up an old what looks to be western for 300 bucks. It came with enough hoses to run 2-3 plows, two front bull bars, the lights, two brackets, one for Ford and one for a Chevy I was told, and two power units. One is a bi directional monarch for just up and down. The other is whatlooks to be the M-683 unit. I have it working butstill a few bugs.
I made a bracket myself, I had 5/16 plate here already.
With the plow up she sits 2-3” off the floor, I have a lift kit on the way, a little bigger of a tire and it should be ok. Either way I think I’m still on the positive side of things even if this rig don’t work out.
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