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  1. Lighting & Wiring
    This wiring does not fit my custom headlights was going to try to hard wire them but I need the opposite side connectors. The guy I bought the harness from said it was for a 99-04 superduty. But after checking some wiring harness videos and trucks in the junk yard im not so sure. Can anyone I.d...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Can anyone tell me (preferably with kindness, but any answer will do) what are all the pieces I need to hook up a snow plow to a Jeep Cherokee? I have an E-47 plow pump, an old 6'8" snow plow with no name on it, the mounting brackets, and lights. I need the plow side wiring harness, solenoid...
  3. Urgent Help Needed
    Greetings, I just did my fluid change a few days ago ( Fisher MM II HD on 2004 f250 SD ) and when I went to cycle the plow to remove air and top off the reservoir I had an unresponsive joystick control with no red indicator light. Everything was working normally last season. I have been...
1-3 of 3 Results