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  1. Western plow no movement

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  2. Western Pro-Flo 525

    Purchased my first, new tailgate spreader - burned up the first time I used it spreading salt/sand mix. brought it back, they fixed it, needed more repairs before I even left with - insisted they replace whole thing. whole new unit, third time using it, auger motor harness & motor burn up...
  3. Western Unimount, old & new motor can't turn hydro pump.

    Western Snowplows
    New to forums, this is my first post on anything, so here it goes. I have an old Western Unimount with solenoids on the power pack that I bought a few weeks ago, I got it mounted and everything worked fine. I drained the hydro fluid, it was blue and still looked good. Removed the hoses and...
  4. Can Not Find A new pump HELP

    Western Snowplows
    Hello everyone, I am completely new to the hydraulic snow plows.. For the last 20 years I have been using a Snow Bear electric plow on a small ford Ranger.. I decided it was time to upgrade to a power angle plow since I now have a Dodge Ram. I bought an older western snow plow that is in...
  5. Wesern plow problem quit moving

    Western Snowplows
    I have a unimount blew a hose on the angle ram. Replaced it filled with western oil and no movement up or side to side. Any suggestions would be great. The motor turns when I hit the controller and the solenoids seam to be working have magnetism on coils.
  6. Older Western raises while angling left

    Urgent Help Needed
    Posting in the urgent area because I've been working on it all day and can't figure it out. We have one nice day left... gotta get it working. Its an older Western Isamatic Mark IIIa. I had a different pump (Prestolite, I think #MEZ 7002), angled fine, would not raise the blade. Switched out...
  7. plow choice???? help!!!!

    Urgent Help Needed
    hey guys i'm looking for some quick input. i have a line on a 1 year old western HTS 7.5ft. it's basically brand new for 2500. Or i can get a new sno way26 for around 3k. Which plow is of better quality, reliability, etc. any other suggestions. I have to move quick before the used plow...
  8. meyer e-47 on western plow?

    Urgent Help Needed
    Sorry to be asking such a newbie question, I'm having trouble with an older Western 7'6" plow. The cable controls were run in a way that apear to cinch or bind and are extremely well worn. I was told Meyer E-47 or E-60 pumps could be fit as a replacement (giving electronic contol). Is this...