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  1. Urgent Help Needed
    So far I have replaced Truck side and plow side power harness/battery cables, 11 pin truck side, plow module, isolation module, controller, 3 different solenoids and put 2 brand new batteries in the truck. Now when i try to move the plow the solenoid wont engage i can hear the actuators...
  2. Urgent Help Needed
    I have a older western ultramount that was working absolutely fine. Then I went out to plow and the plow won’t lift or angle. im not mechanically inclined at all. I checked the hydraulic fluid and it poured out a bit so I’m assuming that’s full. any help or advice would be GREATLY appreciated...
  3. Western Snowplows
    Really need some answers on this old pump,, Had some arc going on, and have no clue why the pump was working on this western plow,,then QUIT,, it will lift, but slow,, VERY SLOW,, to lift, it takes at least a min. to lift,, HELP!!!!
1-3 of 3 Results