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  1. Western Unimount, old & new motor can't turn hydro pump.

    Western Snowplows
    New to forums, this is my first post on anything, so here it goes. I have an old Western Unimount with solenoids on the power pack that I bought a few weeks ago, I got it mounted and everything worked fine. I drained the hydro fluid, it was blue and still looked good. Removed the hoses and...
  2. Help!! Boss ATV Plow

    Urgent Help Needed
    My relatively new Boss ATV straight Blade turns side to side but won't go up and down. It has plenty fluid and you can hear the motor running when you try to raise or lower it. Any ideas anyone??
  3. Rebuilt Boss pump/power unit?

    Boss Snowplows
    Does anybody know of a source for rebuilt power units for Boss plows? I picked up what I think is an RTII, but it looks like the fill plug was sheared off so I expect the pump will need to be replaced. Thanks. Jeff