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  1. What is the biggest struggle in your business?

    Snowplowing Discussions
    Hi all, I am a student studying the snow and ice management industry. I am conducting some research on the biggest pains involved with running a small company in this field. Would anyone be open to helping a student out with a 10-minute interview, so I can ask you a few questions? I’d like...
  2. Plow Wiring Harness - What's needed?

    New Member Introductions
    Can anyone tell me (preferably with kindness, but any answer will do) what are all the pieces I need to hook up a snow plow to a Jeep Cherokee? I have an E-47 plow pump, an old 6'8" snow plow with no name on it, the mounting brackets, and lights. I need the plow side wiring harness, solenoid...
  3. Snow Plow Trucks & Related Equipment For Sale

    Wanted / For Sale
    Virginia based Snow removal company downsizing. Selling 15 trucks of various sizes, makes and models in auction on Wednesday the 26th. Tomorrow (April 25th) all equipment will be available to personally inspect if desired at our location. The link to the auction where you can find more...
  4. slow 760 need some advise

    Blizzard Snowplows
    hello im new here (posting) but i follow you all here and there you seem like a happy bunch so i figure i might ask for some advise... i have a 720 on my ZR2 and its a good plow for a light build works like a champ i recently bought a Z71 that has an older 760 on it- i think its way too heavy...