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  1. Raising plow on vehicle that won’t start

    Urgent Help Needed
    Hello to all. This is my first post and I have a question regarding my Meyer plow on my 96 Dodge Ram 2500. I needed to replace the battery in the truck and when I went to start the truck, all it did was crank and crank and crank and I’m afraid that the critters have gotten up inside there and...
  2. Meyer E-47 E 47 Power Angle Snow Plow Pump

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    Meyer E-47 E 47 Power Angle Snow Plow Pump On Ebay
  3. Meyer E-60 not working at all

    Meyer / Diamond Snowplows
    Hi all, I am new to plows and to this truck. 05 Chevy 2500HD. The truck has two batteries. Not really sure why, but I assume one is an auxiliary battery and one is a main battery. The plow has not been used on this truck for over 2 year, but last time it was used it "worked". As of now the...
  4. Plow Wiring Harness - What's needed?

    New Member Introductions
    Can anyone tell me (preferably with kindness, but any answer will do) what are all the pieces I need to hook up a snow plow to a Jeep Cherokee? I have an E-47 plow pump, an old 6'8" snow plow with no name on it, the mounting brackets, and lights. I need the plow side wiring harness, solenoid...
  5. 2000 GMC contractor dump with V plow & salt spreader

    eBay & Craigslist Ads
    If you're interested in a low mileage 2000 GMC 4x4 contractor's dump, with an 8 1/2 foot Western MVP V plow and Western V-box salt spreader, just use the following email address to send me an email and I'll send you photos and complete information on the truck........... [email protected]