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  1. Low power to motor but connections and motor are fine

    Urgent Help Needed
    After the blizzard yesterday, I went out to plow. I have a 2001 Silverado 6.0 and a minute mount 2. It had a Fisher motor we thought was dead, so we got a new S.A.M. motor from Napa, which seemed to work fine, but on and off stopped working. We replaced the solenoid, and things seemed to be...
  2. Fisher MM II Electrical Troubleshoot Joystick? Harness?

    Urgent Help Needed
    Greetings, I just did my fluid change a few days ago ( Fisher MM II HD on 2004 f250 SD ) and when I went to cycle the plow to remove air and top off the reservoir I had an unresponsive joystick control with no red indicator light. Everything was working normally last season. I have been...
  3. Fisher Salt Spreaders / Tailgate spreaders

    Snowplowing Discussions
    Whats the largest lot size people service with their tailgate spreaders?
  4. Fisher on TV's "How It's Made"

    Snowplowing Discussions
    Fisher's Rockland Maine plant will be featured on TV's "How It's Made" show. Air-time is said to be this Thursday 1 Dec 2011 at 9pm on the Science Channel. Fisher's Rockland plant has 300 workers in two 10-hr shifts all year round. Google Maps Satellite Fisher's parent, Douglas Dynamics...