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  1. Urgent Help Needed
    Just recently put a older “80s ram” plow on a f150 got it all mounted up alright, having issues with wiring , got it to go up and down fine only while jumping the solenoid…. It has a new solenoid and motor…. Any help is awesome thanks… Btw this is a e47 pump with the 2 small toggles
  2. Meyer / Diamond Snowplows
    I'm troubleshooting an intermittent issue with my E 47. Occasionally when I try to raise or angle the blade to the right, it angles left. I replaced the "A" Valve and Crossover Relief, and rebuilt the "B" and "C" Valves last summer... From looking at the flow diagrams in the service manual could...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Can anyone tell me (preferably with kindness, but any answer will do) what are all the pieces I need to hook up a snow plow to a Jeep Cherokee? I have an E-47 plow pump, an old 6'8" snow plow with no name on it, the mounting brackets, and lights. I need the plow side wiring harness, solenoid...
  4. 73 - 87 Chevy & GMC Trucks
    First I apologize if this in the wrong location, First time posting so if I'm doing it wrong just let me know and I'll correct it. So was I online and found a western uni-mount 7.5 plow for $400 and figured i could is it for myself and a few friends. Its only $400 I'm not losing anything...
1-4 of 4 Results