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  1. Snowplowing Discussions
    Please help I need to find the schematics for the hold style controller or unless I can upgrade to joystick they are a couple hundred dollars cheaper it's a 2004 thanks in advance 🙏
  2. Salt Spreader Discussions
    Yes, I found some old threads on this subject here in my internet search...but thought I'd open it up again, perhaps some one new ....has some idea's? In my area someone has two Air Flo spreaders that fit 8ft truck bed. They are priced very cheap, conveyor, spinner and motors are in good...
  3. Urgent Help Needed
    Plow "twitches" when no buttons are being pushed on the controller. Also it does not respond when I push buttons on the controller. Plow is a 2014-2015 model on a Ram 3500 4X4.
  4. Lighting & Wiring
    Ok so I'm having some issues here. I bought an older western plow that was in great shape and pretty cheap. When I went to order the mounts and wiring I was quickly educated that i had to do a conversion. Long story short the conversion is done and the truck is wired. The issue I am running into...
1-4 of 4 Results