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  1. Western Snowplows
    Here's a question for a person with some knowledge on Western Plows! I just picked up an older but excellent condition Western V-plow which has the cables going to the motor and what seems to me to be an 'add on' solenoid pack. I got it as a basket case so I'm just guessing as to where hoses...
  2. Western Snowplows
    Hey folks, I'm not complainin' here! I've had this plow over 20yrs and it's been great! But last winter the up/down cable was tired and it broke. I switched the cable off my left/right to finish the winter off! How cool is that, U can't do that with an electric set up one these new days...
  3. Other Snowplow Brands
    It has been a bad day or two for cable breaks. Actually I am using rope instead of cable, which makes it much easier. The breaks are my fault, Both times I had the ATV pretty high up a snow bank pushing it back, andI pulled the plow to high. The first time, I used a strap to limp it back...
1-3 of 3 Results