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  1. Boss Snowplows
    I have an older boss straight blade and the electric motor burnt out. Part number 2201094. They dont make that part anymore so boss told me to use part number hyd09328. As you can see in the pictures the bolt holes do not line up if the dowelpin is in place. If i do a quarter turn the bolts line...
  2. Boss Snowplows
    Hello, I have an old truck and Boss v-plow that I bought a few years ago. The plow motor has always seemed a bit weak, so I've baby'd it (retracting blades before lifting, etc.). First time out this year, on Sunday, and after a few passes, the plow wouldn't go up anymore. I've done a fair...
  3. Urgent Help Needed
    My relatively new Boss ATV straight Blade turns side to side but won't go up and down. It has plenty fluid and you can hear the motor running when you try to raise or lower it. Any ideas anyone??
  4. Snowplowing Discussions
    Just thought I'd share myn...
  5. Boss Snowplows
    Does anybody know of a source for rebuilt power units for Boss plows? I picked up what I think is an RTII, but it looks like the fill plug was sheared off so I expect the pump will need to be replaced. Thanks. Jeff
1-5 of 6 Results