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  1. Lighting & Wiring
    I have an older Minute Mount 1 plow [Fisher]. Plow is in excellent shape so no need to spend $$$ to buy new. It of course uses the 2 plug with relays....... My 2010 Dodge 1500 does not like this LOL I totally lose my headlights on my truck when I hook this up. I know it can be converted to a...
  2. Wanted / For Sale
    Limerick Maine. 8’ mm2 3 plug. Serviced annually works as it should. Cutting edge only 1 season old. currently mounted to a 2010 f350. Fits 08-16 250 & 350 looking for $2,700 cash for the whole package. $2,000 for plow alone can install for additional cash. May do 2,300 and trades to make...
1-2 of 2 Results