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When my Toyota rotted out from behind my Meyer E-47 6.5' plow I had to replace the truck or get a new plow for my new truck. The third option was the Skidsteer which totally made sense because I have a 900' driveway that I keep 20-25' wide. So I built my Skidsteer plow out of my old Meyer and I've been plowing the drive with the Skidsteer for 10 years now. and after 21 years I just replaced the moldboard.
Meyer Drive Pro 6'8" plow with Tusk Sub-Zero Plow Wings
I recently purchased a Pair sold separately of Tusk Sub-Zero Plow Wings for my Meyer Drive Pro 80”, “2 meter” snow plow.
I know what your saying these wings will not fit your 2 meter plow the radius is too tight and you would be correct out of the box.
And that is just how I think, out of the box. Because I took those wings to my bench grinder and opened up the radius to fit my
2 meter snow plow.
And just like that My Meyer Drive Pro 2 Meter Plow Grew TUSK’S.
I had to grind quite a bit of material about 3/16” from the center mounting platform but no problems , I just welded a thick washer on the inside. You would think they were made for the 2 meter plow.
I installed some 8”x 8” triple layer belt rubber as a sweep on the bottom of the wing and used the as someone else called them "wonky" supplied rubber on top of the wing.
The way they had to be mounted on my moldboard only added 1” to the overall length of the plow.
I wasn’t really looking to add length I just wanted to catch the trail running off the end of the plow.
Mission accomplished they help a great deal scooping up the trails.
Never stop thinking out pf the box.
Incidentally they do not make a wing for the Meyer 2 meter snow plow because the center frame support on the back of the moldboard is right where you need to drill a 1 1/8” hole for other aftermarket wings.
These fit perfectly on my 2 meter plow
with a little modification.
I’m one happy customer that would defiantly recommend the TUSK SUBZERO PLOW WINGS.
These Tusks are very well made except for the wonky rubber that is supplied with them.
By no means am I telling anyone to do this. I just wanted to let others know how I altered a very well made product to fit my plows moldboard and for me they work great.


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