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  1. angle problems

    Fisher Snowplows
    no havent done anything yet. yes the motor is making noise. was thinking it just needs fluid though was working fine through most of last weeks storms
  2. angle problems

    Fisher Snowplows
    my old fischer 9 ' plow wont angle to the left . it will go right and up and down only . any ideas ???
  3. Timing?

    Snowplowing Discussions
    If your getting no complaints and your not complaining about going out too early then your doing it right. Its a fine line at times to be going outbefore needed. I myself am lucky to be beside the D P W so when they head out , i head out also except my commercial lots which i use my...
  4. Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

    Off Topic
    Lets Start A New Poll! Who Will The 2007 Super Bowl Champion N E Patriots Play In 2008 Super Bowl!!!!!!!!:d
  5. Plowed one inch of snow

    Snowplowing Discussions
    snow?? I just got my second call this month tomow a lawn!!!!! Thats right 2 people this month would like me to mow them this is crazy:eek:
  6. Driving on Icy roads (news video)

    I think they may have just been trying out some new tricks for the snowboard they got for xmas from the comfort and safety of there car. Sad Sad driving!! Hopefully no one was hurt .
  7. Emergency help list

    Networking Forum
    200 miles Ill go anywhere needed within 200 miles of Marshfield ma>:cash
  8. I guess it has started

    Business Discussions
    This guys a crackpot!! No way anyone in mass has had 22 plow events during the last 10 years ive kept a weather log since ive started plowingwhile im about 20 miles south the most ive come up with is17 events that included salting! My guess is he ll take minimum bid if anyone is foolish...
  9. Who is going to win the Super Bowl?

    Off Topic
    Come On Guys ??? the ? should be who"ll lose to the pats in the super bowl??:shades
  10. anyone else NOT pushed any snow this year?

    Snowplowing Discussions
    Waterskiing Going to be in the 60's this weekend my crew is going to break out the glastron and go skiing (water) down the cape. With a water temp around 44 and a decent wetsuit it should be quite the scene in mid january1eye2
  11. northeast blizzard!!! lol

    Weather Discussions
    No Snow Today Now there calling for a dusting at most:beatsme
  12. Chicago storm 12/20

    Weather Discussions
    Snow?????? Snow? How abouta little chill its in the50 s here(BOSTON) weve only had 1 day below freezing since early march !!! :mad: :fuming
  13. 4W HI or 4W LO Poll

    I use 4 hi for the f 250 sd or 2 hi for the chevy3500dump never had a problem yet!:smoking
  14. Snowplowing Game

    Off Topic
    Buried I buried myself in the corner broke out the paper and called in backup on the nextel walkie talkies next time i break out the 9' fisher on big red ! nothing slows down big red not even a buried hummer h2plowing! :smoking
  15. Power steps

    Snowplowing Accessories
    What!!!!!! 1400 $ I have a a step stool that has 2 steps for you old guys and cost under 10 $ at the christmas tree shops ! buy about 100 of them put a few around everywhere you park and take the extra 400 saved and buy a portable dvd player and porta potta and youll never have to...
  16. MMI or MMII? ID this plow please

    Fisher Snowplows
    Rust And by the looks of the rust id say its about 5 years old maybe 6!!
  17. Pump Motor Dead???

    Fisher Snowplows
    Sorry Guys Sorry guys im talking to 10 guys at once I do have a click now that ive changed solenoid Im in eastern mass how do i pm? not only am i not a mechanic im an idiot on the computers
  18. Pump Motor Dead???

    Fisher Snowplows
    Ive lifted another plow with this truck! I was lifting another mm2 with this truck and wiring 2 days ago?
  19. Pump Motor Dead???

    Fisher Snowplows
    Which Solenoid? Which one the one inside the truck? ive replaced that one?:
  20. Pump Motor Dead???

    Fisher Snowplows
    Thanks Thanks guys thats what i thought it was the motor. I also keep it outside. But i cant get the top off is it just the 2 bolts?? maybe its rusted on? And how much to just buy a new motor?
1-20 of 31 Results