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Talking Parking Lot Stories

So does anyone have any?

My favorites:

Whiteouts and for some dumb reason these "newbies to the area" think it's safer to run around in little white cars with no headlights. I can't count how many times just this season I've almost parked the hoe on them.

Last night out back of my walmart tractor trailer parked loading cardboard bales. This idiot come flying around the corner. Thankfuly I seen him before I wa backing. For him to slam the brakes and almost slide into tractor trailer. So I backed nice and slow waitin for him. He got around me just to find out he couldn't get out because of piles I had. The only other way out was where I was. So I took my time to lower the blade. And of course I had to adjust the blade. I could see his jaw just a flappin. I get a kick out of those idiots.

Be pushing a full blade of snow just a rollin and that car just doesn't wanna back up. People just don't understand if I stop. They still not getting through. People are in such a rush to get to walmart to buy pantie liners. And it's my fault they can't get through. Let me do my job so they can shop..

There's so many more ... anyone?

Snow Happens....
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One of my first ever snow stroms i backed into a big wooden light pole and snapped it in two. I felt like a real dumb azz. The nursing home where this happened at still employs our services ten years later unbelievable
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I was running a Michigan 55B with just a bucket in a parking lot at a grocery store., that I plowed for 4 years. I was making relief cuts for the trucks doing laps. I had the bucket slightly angled downward so that the snow wouldn’t float the bucket. I was zipping along and WAM!!!! Stopped dead in my tracks… WAM doesn’t describe this event, the rear tires came off the ground and I was like a bug hitting the windshield at 60. It stalled the loader and I had tenderized oysters and a golf ball on my head from the window pillar. All the trucks came over and everybody was in hysterics. They said never seen rear tires of a loader come off the ground. Looking around and plowing the snow out of the way to see what I hit, we couldn’t find anything.?? After getting the loader started again I moved much slower, that pissed off a few guy’s, but my oysters really still hurt. Later that day went back after the snow melted a bit and found that at one point of time the store had a sign cut out of the parking lot. They did a good job at it, less than a ¼” of one part of a I beam was sticking up and I found it. Amazing that just that little bit stopped the loader in its tracks
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Back when I when I had the CASE W36 was scraping my lot bucket only. Coming to the curb line , knowing the curb was close I started lifting bucket. Just then WHAM, yup drove my knees into the dash, steering wheel into the gut, head into windsheild.. stopped that big bear in it's tracks.. had to recollect my thoughts for a second. Got out to find I hit about a half inch from the top, just barely, but did break that granite curb line... was not a cheap fix

Snow Happens....
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the law protects stupid people'' if we could just get out of our trucks and kick their ass the would smarten up;i hate dumb people'
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Originally Posted by john damps View Post
the law protects stupid people'' if we could just get out of our trucks and kick their ass the would smarten up;i hate dumb people'
Lol...if that isn't the truth.. I swear when it storms they all cral out of their holes.. and head to walmart.. beat is I live in a town with a military base close by. So many haven't ever dealt with the snow we get..I just throw my hands up at em..they eventaully get the hint, I'm not stopping..

Found my new enemy tonight... god damn trailer hitches.. I get close steering with the brakes.. well tonight I railed a hitch. Not a normal hitch tho.. this thing stuck out like a foot on a little suv.. and of course it was my fault for plowing.. wish I could of recorded this idiot yelling at me... and yup from hawaii.. he was right I shouldn't of been using such "BIG EQUIPMENT".. the friggin cop even got a chuckle.. no tickets of course .. but my insurance company gonna love me...

Snow Happens....
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Not trying to be a 1-upper, but couldn't let this one slide. Technically not in a parking lot, but stupidity reigned supreme nonetheless. A special note to all of those who have been in the towing industry - this is not an effort to stereotype all tow rig operators as one and the same, this one was special.

So last night, guys were called in for 10, one guy had a hard time getting in because the good ole OE was in full effect, and visibility as well as driving conditions were quite poor. He loaded up with salt, and headed out around midnight. My phone rings shortly thereafter.

Seems as though there was a CAA (Canada's AAA) truck trying to extract a vehicle out of a ditch. A homeowner on Hwy 3 (yes - King's highway) had tried to back out of their driveway, and missed the entrance entirely. The car was parked in the ditch, and the tow operator was attempting to extract the car from the homeowner's driveway, but misjudged his location. The tow truck was buried in the front lawn.

It seems as though this is where things turned for the worse. The homeowner assured the tow operator that the King's Highway #3 was not a very busy road, and so the tow operator proceeded to stretch his main drum cable over the highway and tied off to a tree on the other side of the highway. The homeowner would act as spotters for any potential oncoming vehicular traffic, and alert them of the cable drawn over the two lanes of the King's Highway #3.

It was at the time the tow operator was extracting his truck from the front lawn, with the cable drawn tight, that out of the heavy snowfall emerged the lights of a vehicle travelling down the highway at a generally reduced rate of speed. Rather than notify the driver of the approaching vehicle, or stay at their post of spotting on the road, the homeowner and her assistants fled the scene and hid in the house, alarmed by the potential imminent danger. At this point, my driver recalls that from amidst the heavy snowfall, the tow operator ran to the edge of the highway to attempt to alert him of the cable that was drawn over the highway. My driver begins to slow down, when suddenly the cable appears before him, drawn tight, about 18 inches over the surface of the road. It was at this point that Erie #88 performed a task like it had never done before, and catch the drawn cable like it was an F-16 fighter jet landing on the deck of the USS Eisenhower across the face of it's moldboard. It performed admirably, and successfully drew the plow truck from a speed of approx. 25 MPH to a complete stop.

Unfortunately, the F350 tow truck was not secure, and as a result of the impact into the cable, was catupulted from the front lawn and drawn into the passenger side of the plow truck. My driver said the image of the tow truck travelling towards him at a perpindicular motion to his forward travel was a haunting image, and one that certainly didn't register as a logical sequence of events. The resulting damage was primarily cosmetic, and the required information exchanged and/or obtained.

At my driver's request, I arrived on scene about 20 minutes later. The tow operator was visually shaken, and quite distraught. I assured him that give the circumstances, things could have ended much worse for him or someone else. Had a car stuck the cable, the resulting accident would have been tragic and horrific. Or had one of the DOT plows come by, as they do every 14-16 minutes approximately, as it is a provincially maintained King's Highway, it would have been quite possible that he would have been severly injured or killed. His decision at that point was to call it a night - probably not a bad idea. I spoke with his supervisor today (he called me), and it seems as though this tow operator will have a few extra days off for now.

It made for quite the entertaining story at the coffee shop this morning!

Dave H
Lakeside Landscape Inc.

A few GMC's

A few plows and salters - Boss & Blizzard, Salt-Doggs & s/s v-boxes

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Got a call from another contractor this morning, asked if I had my camera with me. I tell him yes, he said head over to Kabelins, our local Ace hardware store. I show up, and he is plowing one of the entrances. There is a car about 30 feet inside the parking lot, and it is obviously stuck severely. I said what happened. He was plowing the lot, this guy in the car was an employee, and comes out to his vehicle. Doesn't clean off the windows or anything, and just guns it. Hits the snow pile, and car is now high centered and stuck in the snow. I had to take a couple of pics of this!
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Tileman's Boys
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Holy crap Dave that truely could have ended so much worse than it did.

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Posts: 35 you said thankfully it wasn't a car or something heavier trucking down the road

Snow Happens....
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Not from a parking lot, either, but it was one where all I could do was shake my head. I quit plowing for others last winter and this was my very last run. It was a private road I'd plowed several years. Part of the road was a short incline with a curve. As I came around the curve, too much snow built up in front of the moldboard and brought the truck to a stop. I couldn't go backward because the right rear was next to a 15' dropoff. After some cussing and shoveling, I called the wife who wound up calling for a tow truck. Now, keep in mind the tow truck knows exactly where I am and what's going to be involved. What shows up is a 2WD wrecker (not a flatbed) and drives straight in, knowing there is no place to turn around and stops at the top of the hill. He decides to run a chain from his front end to my A-frame and pull backwards with the wrecker. Of course, this only lifts his DRWs partly off the ground and spins the tires which turns the snow to ice. He disconnects my truck and now he can't even move.

After a few minutes, another plow truck shows up to plow another part of the road. He pulls the wrecker and gets it unstuck, which promptly leaves; then both our trucks work together to get me out.

So ended my plowing career - January 20, 2010.

I spend summer getting ready for winter
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GO GO Gadget Plow!
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Dave that is scene right out of a movie. Unreal.
I really dont think that can be topped

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Dino you're forgetting the car that was parked at the magnet school that may have gotten it self buried when we ran out of room to put snow and the car never seemed to move, and the school didn't know who's car it was.

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Dave, LOL, that takes the cake!

Plenty of Blizzard 810's
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Wow Dave. That one truly tops it. Maybe you will get a new 810 out of it?? I am sure the wings are bent or something

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Wow Dave, thats pretty incredible! Glad your driver is OK. Could have been real ugly.

I also don't want to one-up, but I can't help tell this one again:

Many years ago, my father had quite a few plowing contracts and at the peak, we had our Cat 950 poop the bed with a failed transmission. We rented a Samsung loader to take its place for a few months while the Cat was in for repairs. The Samsung was a 5 or 6 yard machine that took some getting used to as it was noticably bigger.

An inexperienced operator was clearing a lot at a nursing home, across town from our shop. During the storm, he wiped out a vent line for their inground oil tanks. My father and I went out to survey the damage and I was tasked to take the loader back. So I drove it back the 10 or so miles.

On my trip, I stuck to main haul routes to avoid low bridges and wires and such, to the aggrevaition of the general public. On a typical, two lane, side double yellow line 35 mph road, I was running along at the fastest I could, but traffic built up and I could not pull over.

At the end of the road was a traffic light. As I slowed for the red light, an old pick-up raced ahead and stopped at the light, skidding to a stop at the line. This forced me to hit the brakes hard to avoid hitting him. And unbelievably, a gold Fiero followed him! Panic stricken, I thought I was going to kill this guy. I hit the left pedal service brakes hard (which disconnects the transmission), hit the accelerator, and lifted the bucket. The loader body stopped within an inch or so of the car, with the tires straddling each side of the car.

I'm not sure if it was the panic, or just the routine habit, but I pulled the joystick to the side. I dumped a near full bucket of snow on that Fiero. I let traffic go, then backed up and left. Nobody got out of the car while I was there. Other than getting violently sick, it was an uneventful ride home.

Still gives me goose bumps 15 years later...

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

~ Greek Proverb
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